Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is 'Change' a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

What is change? Is change good or bad? Who and what causes change? These are all questions that are capable of being answered. If you were to look up the word “change” in a dictionary, there are about 20 different definitions for the word. Change could be in your wallet, in your own self, in your family, and in your world. Today, I’m going to answer the question, is change good or bad? No matter what humans say or do, change is inevitable. It will happen and someone or something will be affected. Everything changes in my opinion. Everywhere you go a change is occurring. Changes are happening right before your very own eyes. The weather, time, days, seasons, people, animals and so forth. Are these changes good? Are these changes bad? I presume that change is both good and bad depending on the situation you are experiencing. Now, here are my thoughts on why change is good and why change is bad.
Change is a good thing. Why is change a good thing? Change is a good thing because what was once before is now a new, better thing than it was in the past. For example, computers back in the early 80’s were ridiculously bulky and were extremely complicated to figure out. Today, in 2010 computers that were once sitting on a table or on a desk, can now sit comfortably on your lap. Computers such as computer chips are as small as a quarter and as thin as a paperclip. The internet is changing, because things are being added to it. The internet is also improving. Knowledge is being spread throughout the world while connecting people of different colors, cultures, and places. The general public can communicate back and forth to one another, in the blink of an eye. In this case, change is a good thing.
People become willing to change if the item they are changing for is a high-quality, good thing. If people have to change their religion, clothing, and ways of living, this is where problems arise. In 1979, a Revolution happened in the country of Iran. The Persian people resisted the change their new leader, the “Shah”, was putting on them. The Shah believed the country was being contaminated of Western culture, such as influences from the United States and so on. He made women cover their bodies head to toe in garments that were black and modest. The veil was hated by many women. Partying was out of the question, and you couldn’t even think about being happy in a time like this. The Shah was corrupt, brutal, overly ambitious, and extravagant in a bad way. In this instance, change is bad thing.
Change is a bad thing. Why is change a bad thing? Change is a bad thing because something beforehand could have been incredible and prosperous, but then change happens and everything plummets away from each other. For example, if the United States has an intelligent, powerful president why would they want to change that? That is simple, they would not. But because of certain laws, our president will change. It is to be anticipated. Those laws can be changed, but who will step up and change them? On the other hand, is there a way we, an advanced human race, can bring into play a way to stop change from happening? That is a question I cannot answer but I do not think it is impossible to reciprocate to.
In a historical sense is change good or bad? In my opinion, change in history is once again, both good and bad. The way history and the world have changed for the good is that mankind now has highly developed technological advancements. From a simple wheel and axle, pulley, screw, lever, and an inclined plane the social order has created spectacular systems and machines. From the first domesticators of animals, people today have learned to domesticate animals to benefit people. Buildings are now more sustainable to withstand earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters. Original building documents have sent masonry on a hard to believe journey through time. Roads have been built, instead of dirt roads for people to travel on and get to where they need to be. People are smarter because of the scientific discoveries such as the discovery of DNA, water on the moon, and the discovery of potential life on Mars. It is truly amazing how our past has shaped the future for the good of mankind.
In the way history and the world have changed for the bad is that society and life is now filled with war, drugs, violence, misjudgment and corrupt individuals. Police force and laws are used to stop criminals from stealing. Doctors are used to treat bullet wound, and stabbing victims. War has caused some individuals to lose legs or arms, and most of the time, their sanity. Terrorists roam the earth, and have acted out in ways that caused a number of innocent people to lose their lives. Genocide was a bad change that occurred in Sierra Leone and is currently happening in Rwanda. Change sometimes causes the worst to be brought out of people. Once more, change could be avoidable but I fear that people of earth do not have a yearning to resist a course of action that could wind up good or bad.
When all's said and done humans will not be open to change if what they are being changed into is irrevocably uncalled for. Irrational, outrageous requests from people, nature, or society will not be tolerated by strong willed citizens. The world is changing, and it is up to us to adapt and change to our surroundings and new environment. If this is not a reachable circumstance, mankind is in dire need of a helping hand. I think mankind can balance the transform between good change and bad change. It will take endeavor and effort but it is not without a solution to reach.
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  1. Your writing style and observations are apt, but your argument needs the support of citations and sources.