Monday, January 25, 2010

Significance of Megaliths & Rise of Agriculture.

Significance of Megaliths:

In the year 4200-2000 B.C. organized groups built monumental stone burials in northwestern europe, and in the Morbihan region in southern Brittnay.
A burial site such as Île Longue, which was built in 4100 B.C., includes a chamber with a corbeled dome and a passage faced with huge slabs. The significance of this is that it shows how advanced civilization was in ancient times. It showed that mankind respected the dead. This is evidence that they were organized and humane.

Significance of the Rise of Agriculture:
Farmers began to settle in Europe and they began to cultivate the land. Wheat and barely grew abundantly in the Near East and gradually spread westward. Ox-driven plows made of wood, were used to lead up to planting crops. Farmers cleared forests to make a path of larger fields and venerate cattle with ceremonial burial. Early farmers made and used unpainted pottery engraved with linear embellishment. Similarities in pottery pieces linked regions of a vast distance apart. The significance of all of this is that it is evidence of settlement. People that were once nomadic, were now staying in one area to cultivate the land and build a society. Also, its significant that people were becoming technologically advanced. For example, their ox-driven plow. Trading with other groups seemed like a logical way to recieve the resources or services that they did not have.

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