Sunday, February 14, 2010

Notes on Athens:

  • The city was based entirely around the acropolis
  • Acropolis - acrop= high polis=city
  • Xerxes - son of king or persia
  • A quarter of population of Greece lives in Athens.
  • At the base of acropolis is the grove of Dionysus
  • Leads into theatre of Dionysus, in back of grove
  • Play wrights were forced to write an a trilogy and a comedy
  • Trigordeous (tragedies) and comedios (comedies)= subjects of plays, human interest
  • At the top of the acropolis, sat the Temple of Athena Nike
  • Built after Persian war, built because Athena was goddess of Athens and they beat the Persians
  • Most important temple on the acropolis was the Parthenon
  • Began being built in 480
  • Was built with funds that Athenians got as a result of Persian War
  • Dedicated to virgin Athena
  • Pericles, prominent and influential general
  • Wanted to get all city-states in Greece as one
  • What to do with war funds that came in from the Persians; wanted to build a Navy
  • Opens up the arts; sets up new building on acropolis
  • You had to fight for your city. There was no other option.
  • Athens defeat Sparta in 480 B.C. 10 miles from port to city
  • Built long walls all the way from harbor to city
  • Athenians are trapped in their own walls, the plague breaks out, and Pericles dies
  • vandalism was seen across the city of Athens
  • Alcibiades' enemies convinced everyone that it was his fault
  • He gets on a boat and goes to Sparta
  • Herodotus - wrote the 1st half of Greek History. He wrote about the Persian Wars.
  • Thucydides - wrote the 2nd half of Greek History. Peloponnese Wars.
  • Xenophon - wrote about the times of Socrates.
  • Aristotle - known for this work of philosophy and history. Wrote one of the first encyclopedia.
  • Plutarch - known for his biographies
  • Pausanias - wrote the first travel guide!

  • Bosphorus - the Istanbul Straight. located in Northern Turkey.
  • Thessalonkia - ANCIENT MACEDONIA. (
  • Greeks rebuilt the Acropolis. They wanted to be in charge, they built a treasury to gain money to rebuild the acropolis. One wall was rebuilt from broken pieces from the sack of athens. IT WAS A HISTORICAL REMEMBRANCE.
  • GROVE OF DIONYSUS. (see prezi on dionysus) ART AND WINE. Theater.
  • theater and religion and history have very strong links.
  • sack of Corinth - 146 BC Roman Theater was put into the acropolis when Roman occupied Athens. NIKE MEANS VICTORY.
  • PARTHENOS means virgin. Athena Temple was the most scared temple in greece. Funds that built this Parthenon were from the Athenian League.

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