Tuesday, February 2, 2010

War is a form of technology, Agree!

War is a form of technology. I agree with this statement for a numerous amount of reasons. War and technology are evidently used together in some way. Technology does not make war, it only advances it. Technology is thought to make battle and warfare more complex. Threats of nuclear power are coming into play today. Nuclear power is a power that was not even imaginable in the times of Spartan warfare or Roman domination. "Technology has been the primary source of military innovation throughout history." (Roland Vol. 14) Before the twentieth century, airplanes and helicopters were not thought of to be used for war. In 2010, warfare has improved itself so much to include all of these examples. I'm anxious to see what the future has instore for improving warfare.

Citation: Ronald, Alex. "War and technology". Foreign Policy Research Institute. 2010. http://www.fpri.org/footnotes/1402.200902.roland.wartechnology.html 2 Feb. 2010.

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