Tuesday, May 11, 2010

England Notes:

  • Queen Elizabeth "This is me, this is England, you have two options: you can either take it, or you can take it".
  • Elizabeth 1 - the virgin queen.
  • 1559 - 25 years old 44 years ruled.
  • Childhood, shaperd her into the women she became.
  • Elizabethan age
  • King Henry the VIII
  • 3 months old, given her own home. Her half sister, Mary was forced to work as one of Elizabeth's lady in waiting.
  • Ann miscarried a boy. So she was executed.
  • Henry married 6 wives and had several children.
  • Elizabeth was a remarkable child and way was beyond her years. Her father, inspired her so much.
  • 1547 - Henry died and Edward was next in line to rule. He was only 10, and Elizabeth was 14. She stayed with her step-mother.
  • Thomas seamoore married Henry's widow and wanted to gain as much power as he could. He began to invade Elizabeth's private personal space when he moved in.
  • Edward's death was kept secret. Mary was crowned Queen.
  • Mary wanted to turn England into a Catholic nation and her people's interest in her rule quickly faded.
  • 1557 - bad year for Mary. Her protest against the France was a failure. Her marriage to Philip brought England to its lowest point in history.
  • Mary was disappointed that her younger sister was wining. Mary agreed to have her succeed her but Elizabeth had to keep the Catholic faith and pay Mary's debts.

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