Friday, May 14, 2010

Notes on Germany:

Germany 1483 - time of desolation and disease
  • one forth of population died before they were five
  • the Church promised heaven, and Church was the most powerful institution on Earth.
  • Martin Luther - The Reluctant Revolutionary
  • Martin Luther led Europeans into a rebellion against the Catholic Church.
  • He grew up in Northern Germany where the Church dominated every day life. His life at home caused him pain and anguish.
  • The fear of being punished and beaten by his parents drove him for the rest of his life
  • Martin became a musician, he gained his masters degree and became everything he wished.
  • 1505 - a plague struck Germany and the rest of Europe: THE BLACK DEATH
  • 3 of Luther's friends were killed and this marked the beginning of his resentment against the Catholic Church
  • He took charge of his own life, and stopped doing what his father expected him to do.
  • Luther joined the strictest monastery in Europe
  • Luther was a Flagellant meaning he whipped himself to feel the same pain Jesus did.
  • He decided to leave the order because it was putting him in bad health.
  • Martin thought he'd never achieve salvation and never get to heaven. He felt he couldn't please God.
  • He then made a journey to Rome, and it was the height of the Renaissance
  • When in Rome, he was completely unhappy with the Church.
  • The Church was selling indulgences to the people telling them that it would take time off of their purgatory.
  • one man named Martin the head of Bible studies at the new university in Yittenburg Germany.

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