Monday, May 3, 2010

Read this article and answer the question at the end:

If aliens come to Earth, I believe they will kill all humans. They probably are more advanced and a million times more powerful than the human race. If they land on earth, they will take what they need and leave. They might not even want anything of Earth's because nothing on Earth is appealing to them. Aliens are foreign, and they should stay that way. Obviously humans are not the only form of life out there in the vast universe. So why bother trying to contact them? Only if humans are 100% that they are nice, and will do us no harm then sure, let them come to Earth and share their knowledge. But chances are, they don't speak any language on Earth and they are destructive beings. There are many depictions of aliens but no one really knows for sure. Humans don't even know what they are looking for. Therefore, Earth is a somewhat calm and happy place and we should keep it that way. Alien can stay where they are, far away from Earth. Unless they are closer than we think...


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