Monday, May 10, 2010

More Notes on Italian Renaissance:


  • The birth of venus was like any other painting of its time Botticelli
  • Lorenzo had loosened his grip on the family business
  • Branches of the Medici bank was forced to close and Medici lost money.
  • 1492 - Lorenzo fell seriously ill. He turned to the Church. Lorenzo knew he was dying and needed something money couldn’t buy.
  • Lorenzo called upon Savonarola.
  • Savonarola's judgment was harsh, he damned Lorenzo.
  • At the age of 43, Lorenzo dies and he fears Hell until his last breath.
  • Any display of jewels or makeup were forbidden. Savonarola wanted to create heaven on earth by any means necessary.
  • Savonarola called THE BONFIRE OF THE VANATIES.
  • Onto the flames, went everything that was apart of Lorenzo's vibrant Renaissance.
  • Botticelli even had to hurl his own paintings into the flames.
  • Florence was a depiction of Hell itself.

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