Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Black Death Notes:

  • alter the course of European history.
  • in 1338, a violent earthquake altered the earth.
  • black death carried in the blood of black rats and the fleas that fed on them.
  • reached Crimea.
  • Muslims sought help from priests on how to deal with the war between them and the Italians.
  • the prince catapulted infected soldiers one by one over the walls
  • the rats were carried on a ship to Europe.
  • 1347 the merchants reached a port and tried to isolate the ship but it was too late, the rats made their way ashore.
  • Churches were centers of learning without question.
  • people looked to the church for support.
  • the houses of the bed were shut up
  • people were unaware that the plague was a huge threat.
  • blisters and boils appeared on the body. only lasted 3 days then the person was dead.
  • people thought it was the end of the world. they took it as a punishment for sin on earth.
  • bodies were buried in mass graves in plague pits outside of the city's walls.
  • ships with their cargo and infested rats was the way the plague spread the fastest. a blanket of death took Italy.
  • 1345 major conjunction of three planets which symbolized death.
  • the pope sat between two fires to protect himself from the Black Death for 4 months
  • Dishiliach survived the plague and recorded all of his symptoms and the way he curved himself.
  • The Flagulents tortured themselves in an effort to praise God and get him to take away the plague. After their failure, they revolted. Jews across Europe were massacred because they were blamed for poisoning the water.
  • killed a third of Europe. 20 million people died. Changed the face of Europe beyond recognition.
  • The cause of the plague remained a mystery until the 19th century.
  • The plague affected Europe every decade or so until the 17th century.
Black Death:
  • major result: the black death changed the minds of the people who believed in the Church. People lost faith in the Church and regretted making it the center of their life.
More Notes:
  • People emptied their dead on carts. The dead was wheeled off to be buried.
  • the dying were not respected.

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