Wednesday, April 21, 2010

REQUIRED DAILY: Creative Writing Assignment -- write a short horror story about an invisible killer that devastates a community.

The year is 2666. A invisible killer strikes the entire world. Causing a disease so horrid that it makes even the strongest man scream bloody murder right before they die an inevitable DEATH. One malignant bug dropped on the planet by extraterrestrial beings was the cause of it all. Their plan? Destroy planet Earth. This bug bit one man. ONE man. Within one hour of being bitten, the venom that was injected into the man's blood stream, caused birth of new bugs inside his body. Their only way out? They had to eat their way out. This man was eaten alive from the inside. When the bugs made their way to his brain, thats when he let out his last blood curling scream. The bugs then crawled their way to find their next victim. These bugs were special because they could turn invisible. That way no one could see them coming. The move victims they bit, the more the bugs multiplied. No insect spray, or weapon could kill these bugs. They were indestructible and could swim, fly, and crawl their way over every inch of land and sea. They could not be stopped. Victim after victim became infested with these bugs on the insides of their bodies. You couldn't run, and you couldn't hide. They would find you. The Earth was then taken over by the extraterrestrial beings and the human race was obliterated from Earth. THE END.

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