Monday, April 26, 2010

Find examples of French Gothic influence on British architecture.

This is the Chester Cathedral in England. French Gothic architecture is shown through in the flying buttress which aided in inserting more windows to bring in more light. The stained glass windows are a touch of Gothic architecture as well. The image above this is showing the definition of French Gothic cathedrals and their flying buttress.

This is the Durham Cathedral in England. It shows French Gothic architecture through its stained glass window in the front of the Cathedral. The towers extended up high in the air symbolizing being closer to God and reaching the Heavens. The image above this one shows how the ceilings were high, therefore the towers were high.

This is Exeter Cathedral in England. There is definite evidence of French Gothic architecture as it is shown in the large rose window above the entrance of the Cathedral. This rose window is letting in light, therefore demonstrating how Gothic style wanted to be the light of the world. The photo above is of a French Cathedral and there is a rose window as well, which it symbolizing light.

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