Monday, April 26, 2010

The Crusades Notes:

  • The crusades started in the 11th century
  • the kingdom of the Franks, became the kingdom of France.
  • It was named after the Capetian dynasty
  • until the rise of steward kings, england was ruled by French families
  • Spain was occupied by the Islamic people
  • Morocco was a center of Islam
  • Moors rule the country of Spain for 700 years.
  • The Moors were of Muslims, non-Muslim, and African descent
  • The Crusades are the worst thing that could happen politically at this time
  • the mistake was that the goal would be getting Jerusalem back. Those for the Crusade made the Muslims enemies when they didn't need to be enemies.
  • While the Europeans were going through a dark age, Islam was going through a Renaissance
  • The Muslims were taking off in every subject of life
  • The French led a Crusade into Spain (ruled by Moors)
  • They realized Spain was a budding country full of life and knowledge
Importance of Aristotle:
  • Virtually every knowledgeable information was discovered and brought back
  • Random fact: Aristotle suffered from heartburn
  • He believed everything works in a specific way
  • One discovery triggered another discovery you didn't know but logically had to believe
  • Spain is finding the writings of Aristotle
  • He is making himself available to the world but Crusades are going on and his knowlegde is not being talked about or shared
  • He demonstrated that logic defeats superstition

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