Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Medieval Notes:

Medieval Time:
  • Churches have become the center of learning and primary authority.
  • 90 % of the people are employed in the service of lords and serfs and farmers.
  • if you were born a peasant you would die a peasant
  • boys were sold as slaves and girls were sold as maid servants mostly by their own families
  • a long revolution would change these social orders
  • their concept of equality was non existent
  • the common people were serfs. The social triangle went up to a point at which the kind stood.
  • early 11th century, inequality and depression were a part of the caste system.
  • a nobles life was 6 times that of a peasants
  • the word gentlemen came from the word gene meaning "well born". your class was in your genes.
  • serfs had to work on lord's land. working breeding stock. a man was tied to the soil.
  • if you tried to run away, you were punished.

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