Thursday, April 29, 2010

What was the 12th Century Renaissance?

The 12th Century Renaissance was a rebirth of knowledge that was lost by the Europeans in Europe. All the knowledge of the ancients was stored in the western parts of the roman empire. After the fall of the empires, the Muslims gained control. The knowledge was lost from Europe and they fell into an age of darkness, the Dark Ages. Later during the 12th century after many Crusades to the Holy Land and other Muslim ruled countries some of the knowledge was brought back. Old texts, especially from the writings of Aristotle were brought back to Europe and shared among the people. Before the Crusades, knowledge was not being shared because people were fighting and not communicating. Europe was reborn with the gain of its lost knowledge. Also some texts were collected from Spain and showed among the Europeans. Scientific knowledge spread throughout Europe and it was a mini-Renaissance of its own.

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