Monday, March 1, 2010

BBC Radio Program Reflection.

The Romans were powerful people who did not want one solitary leader. They wanted a democracy in which freedom and authority would be distributed evenly. This idea later became known as the Roman Republic. The momentous Roman Empire arose from the Roman Republic. The military force was so grand and forceful, they needed strong and tenacious leaders to lead the Roman soldiers into ultimate conquest. That is exactlly what they had. The Romans possessed a constitution that included checks and balances. This ensured that one single individual would not gain excessive power or authority. Several strong leaders were better than just one powerful leader. The Romans brought in all the people they conquered as citizens. Some people practically begged for Roman citizenship, but had to act as if they were forced to be. Although, if they did not comply, their city and people would be destroyed. Rome had its victories and had its defeats. Rome was prosperous because of their idea of democracy. Eventually, with all that power the Roman Empire would see its own demise.

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