Thursday, March 11, 2010

Interactive History Games:
This informational activity is a great way to help students and teachers learn about the ancient writings of Mesopotamians. This activity is not as interesting as a game would be, per say, but it does thoroughly explain the Mesopotamians ways of communication. It is filled with questions and is a great way to challenge yourself about information on Mesopotamians. I give this activity a 7 out of 10.
BBC history is a phenomenal site to explore the history of ancient Rome. There are a variety of games and passages that you can choose from! This site can be useful for all ages and all grade levels, even teachers too. It is an educational way to learn about Rome, and have fun while doing it!
This interactive game on will help students learn about Alexander the Great, his ancestry, and his rule over the world. It is a great way to be involved in a game while learning about facts that occurred years and years ago! By far the best activity on the web!
Are you a soccer fanatic? Well, this interactive game allows you to test your knowledge on Ancient Greek affairs while trying to score a penalty shot. If you get the answer wrong, you automatically miss the shot and the goalie wins. If you answer the question correctly, you get choose where your shot will go and how much power is behind it. This game will ask students to recall information on Greek cities, empires, philosophers, and leaders. It is a great game to review with your students.
This interactive game allows students to become archeologists or "detectives". Students are to go through the game and find crucial information on the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro of the Indus Valley using their tools. If you know about the Indus Valley, you should be able to win this game with ease. This is a high quality game offered by BBC, to stretch the minds of students.
In this game, you’re a Roman sleuth. You have to use your tools and skills to unravel the mystery of a mysterious death. In the game, you only have until dawn to crack the case. Piece together the puzzle using their evidence, eye-witness testimonies, and perhaps a little detective's intuition. This game is awesome to play if you like mysteries and have a lot of knowledge on Rome.

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