Monday, March 8, 2010

Notes on Rome part 2:

  • "Villa" culture - country villa out in the countryside. Lavish villages.
  • Naples was a beautiful countryside that most villas were built on.
  • Painted gardens on walls on villas.
  • The climate was temperate.
  • Subura - tenement neighborhoods of Rome. Unsanitary/health issues/safety issues such as fires.
  • Gracchi Brothers: Tiberius and Gaius were tribunes. Argued on behalf of plebs over land matters. They were assassinated. This is the first account of assassination in the city of Rome.
  • Optimares were the Patrician aristocratic senators.
  • Social War (91-88 BC)- people began to revolt against the Patricians
  • Caesar wants to gain power. He runs for a position in the Senate.
  • Caesar wins the hearts of the common people in the street. He wins.
  • He conquers Gull.
  • Romance languages come from Rome. French, Spanish, Italian, Romania.
  • The city of London was founded by the Romans
  • Caesar crosses the river RUBICON and brings his army to the city of Rome.
  • Pompey was considered one of the greatest generals.
  • POMPEY & Optimares VS. CAESAR & his army.
  • Pompey was decapitated by Egyptians. This angered Caesar greatly. Respect among generals was important
  • Cleopatra is the last in line, Caesar has an affair with her.
  • Caesar is hailed as dictator FOR LIFE.

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