Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Notes on Roman Leaders:

  • Rome is the largest its ever been under the rule of Augustus.
  • He rules under the government Principate
  • His famous statue is the Prima Porta
  • Dolphin is the symbol of Venus
  • Augustus is the son of Caesar.
  • Augustus dies without an heir.
  • Tiberius succeeds Augustus. He is somewhat of a cruel leader.
  • After Tiberius, comes in Caligula (Gaius). He was a whack job. He had sexual realtions with his own sister.
  • Gaius was indeed assassinated. Claudius now becomes the leader.
  • Claudius is shy and socially akward. His reign doesn't last long and Nero becomes ruler.
  • Nero, as Gaius was, is a whack job himself. He was a obese, sickly looking man. He burned down Rome because he wanted to build a park.
  • Nero commits suicide, and he says "the world is loosing a great artist".
  • For good year or so, no one is incharge. The man who comes into command is Vespasian. He's a no nonsense, military man. Titus is his son who takes over.
  • Titus built the Flavian Coliseum is place of the statue of Nero that he knocked down. Titus also had an Arch built for him in support of his military campaign.
  • The temple of Jerusaelm is destroyed by Titus. The "Wailing Wall" is what is left of the temple.
  • Domitian is Titus' son and he is tough and cruel. Roman baths were the health clubs of the ancient world. Domitian was assassinated.
  • Nerva is considered a "good emporer". He chooses Trajan to lead. (He looks like Moe from The Three Stooges)
  • Trajan has a column dedicated to his army after going to war with the Dacians.
  • There were two major libraries of Rome: The Greek and The Latin Libraries.
  • Hadrian was choosen next. He was a poet, philosophers, travler, and loved the arts. If I were to live in Rome, I would want to live under Hadrian's rule.

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