Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Vikings - Barbarians Video Notes:

  • They conquer everything in their path and nothing resists them.
  • They were considered terrorists.
  • The men was big, scary Scandinavians.
  • Their favorite places to attack were monasteries because the monks were defenseless and the monastery has great wealth.
  • the vikings wanted silver, not gold.
  • they used water travel to capture every region they could.
  • Erik The Red & his son, Leif Erikson. They settle on the coast of Greenland.
  • They send out the message that Greenland was plush and bountiful. The land was really harsh.
  • Leif Erikson yearns to explore. He sets sail in the year 1000.
  • Leif went to Norway to speak to the king who told him to bring Christianity to Greenland.
  • That is what he ultimately did.
  • Christianity presented the idea to unite.
  • The people had to give up their ancient gods. They didn't like it.
  • The tested Christianity and the Pagan religion with fire. Christianity came out on top.
  • There is a 15-year-old boy,Harold, who is fighting his enemies with eventually become king.

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