Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Notes on Vikings:

  • Late Antiquity moving on into the Middle Ages.
  • The vikings liked in Sweeden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland.
  • They were not Christianized; they were never ruled by the Romans.
  • Nine Worlds:
1. Midgard - world of average human experience
2. Alfheimr - world of the elves
3. Svartalfaheim -world of the black elves
4. Vanaheimr - world of the Vanir
5. Muspellheim - world of fire
6. Jotunheimr world of giants
7. Niflheim - world of ice
8. Asgard - world of the far away/gods
9. Hel - world of the underworld
10. Ginnungagap - world of nothing
  • The Edda - The Poetic Edda. It is here where we get the story of Norse gods.
  • The Second Edda is written in prose
  • Runes was the alphabet. The Runic alphabet is a series of symbols.
  • Vikings were not afraid of death. They were fearless; they believed they were going to a great place if they died on the battle field.
  • Heimskringla was written by Snorri Sturluson. He is writing the history of the Norse kings.
  • Erikson founded Iceland. He possibly could have came to America before Columbus
  • The Vikings buried their heroes in their ships, and then buried the ships.
  • The two designs for ships were: 1. river journeys 2. open water

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