Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pop Quiz: What is the Viking Creation Story?

The Poetic Edda tells the creation story of the Vikings. The Vikings believed that Othin called upon Volva or "wise woman" held the secrets to the creation of the world, the beginning of years, the origin of the dwarfs, the first man and woman, of the world-ash Yggdrasil, and of the first warn between the gods and the Vanir. ( Introductory Note) Vikings believed, "I saw for Baldr, | the bleeding god, The son of Othin, | his destiny set:" (Voluspo 32) This means that the death of Baldr, the son of Othin and Frigg, was the first of the great disasters to the gods. The Vikings believed that, A new beautiful world is to rise on the ruins of the old; Baldr comes back, and "fields unsowed bear ripened fruit". (59-66) This explains the heavens. "From below the dragon | dark comes forth," (Voluspo: Stanza 66) The believed that darkness same from the south, or netherworld.

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