Friday, March 5, 2010

Notes on Primary Sources:

Question: What was the attitude of the Roman's towards women and children? Use a primary source.

The attitude of the Roman's towards women and children was unfair and sometimes cruel. According to the fourth book of the Twelve Tables, "a dreadfully deformed child shall be killed." If a father surrender his son for sale three times, the son shall be free. (IV 2. The Twelve Tables) Roman laws, regarding legal guardianship and inheritance, say that "females, by reason of levity of disposition, shall remain in guardianship, even when they have attained their majority." Marriage by usage says, if a man and woman live together continuously for a year, they are considered to be married; the woman legally is treated as the man's daughter. (VI 2. The Twelve Tables) Roman Scared law says that "women must not tear cheeks or hold chorus of `Alas!' on account of a funeral."

Citation: "The Twelve Tables" 2009. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook. 5 March 2010.

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