Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Notes on Rome:


  1. Aeneas - meaning to praise. Last surviving Trojan. Carthage queen is Dido. They fall in love. The god's tell Aeneas his destiny is different. He leaves her. TROJANS WIN !
  2. Sicily was mainly greek back in the day. Naples for example is a greek name.
  3. The symbol of Rome is the she-wolf crest. AS ROMA SOCCER TEAM.
  4. Romulus founds the city of Rome. He declared war against his brother.
  5. Rome is built on 7 hills. Was just a village until it expanded.
  6. Etruscan people lived just north of Rome. Their kings ruled Rome for several years. Tarquin the Proud and Tarquin the Sixth. The proud rapes the wife (Lucretia) of a roman noblemen. This lead to the revolt of roman people.
  7. Lucius Junius Brutus establishes the Roman republic. (509 BC)
  8. Pleabs were the roman common people…the peasants.
  9. TRIBUNE OF PLEBS - this is the one and only seat given to the Patricians. He has the only vote in a veto.
  10. Rome would conquer cities, and set ground rules up for the people they conquered. If the conquered places didn’t comply with the rules they would all be killed, and their city leveled.
  12. 264 BC roman allies complained about the Carthan's trying to take power from there. Rome comes to fight them.
  13. The second war of carthage
  14. PRIUS: you can win all the battles, but you cant win the war
  15. Scipio Africanus defeated Hannibal in the last battle of the second punic war. Battle of zama
  1. The third punic war, Scipio's son, Scipio Aemilianus, sieges Carthage and kills everyone
  2. Cato the elder was known for ending all speeches with the words that mean Carthage must be destroyed. Sacked Carthage and burned it to the ground.

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